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Keeping You and Your Family Healthy

Having a skilled multi-specialty team available to you and your family, including a board-certified periodontist in East Orange, NJ, is virtually priceless. Knowing that you have a dental home you can trust gives you peace of mind, especially when an emergency occurs. And with routine dental care, you can keep your oral health, and that of your family, in peak condition to ensure problems do not develop. At Irie Dental Associates we offer many dentist services you and your family need to stay healthy. As a full-scope dental practice, we offer treatment for nearly every step of your dental care so you don’t have to go to other practices, see doctors you don’t know, and waste both time and money.

Why Patients Choose Irie Dental Associates

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  • Comprehensive, all-inclusive care
  • A board-certified periodontist in office
  • Prosthodontist, orthodontist and registered nurse on staff
  • Modern dental techniques and treatments
  • State-of-the-art dental technology
  • Two convenient locations
  • Over six decades of combined experience

Our Additional Dentist Services

For those with many missing teeth, dentures can be an affordable solution for full mouth tooth replacement. Traditional dentures are removable, allowing you to take them in and out to sleep or clean. While being worn, they can restore your bite, appearance and self-confidence.

When a cavity is treated, it must be filled to protect the tooth and restore both structure and function. Rather than use unattractive metal amalgam fillings, we offer tooth-colored composite fillings. These are made of a healthier material and blend into your smile.

When your bite does not come together properly, it can often cause more serious conditions to develop, including TMJ disorder. We can gently realign your bite and shape problem teeth so that you have a more harmonious bite.

Preventive dentistry is the routine examination and cleaning of your mouth. We recommend coming in for an exam and cleaning every six months. We will always evaluate your overall oral health during every appointment to make ensure no problems are developing.

TMJ disorder is a painful occurrence when the jaw joint becomes inflamed or overworked. This can make it difficult to eat, speak or even open your mouth. We offer a variety of solutions for TMJ disorder, including BOTOX®, mouthguards or Invisalign® orthodontics to realign your bite.

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