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The Time-Tested Gum Disease Solution

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Gum disease is an oral condition that many patients don’t realize they are affected by because of how relatively painless and undetectable the initial symptoms are. But without receiving gum disease treatment, the condition can worsen and damage your smile, mouth and overall health permanently. Without receiving treatment, gum disease will advance to periodontitis or advanced periodontitis stages. At this time patients will begin to experience permanent gum, bone and tooth damage. This can lead to the loss of teeth and cause jawbone loss. As a board-certified periodontist and team of dental professionals, we offer effective solutions for all stages of gum disease, including laser gum disease treatment and advanced osseous surgery for those with more advanced stages of the disease. For a time-tested solution to cleanse the teeth, gums and bone of infection and get you back to a state of proper oral health, schedule a consultation for osseous surgery in East Orange, NJ.

Signs You May Need Osseous Surgery

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  • Gum recession around teeth
  • Bright red, sore, and/or inflamed gums
  • Gums bleed easily when brushing or flossing
  • Loose teeth or tooth loss
  • Recurring foul taste or pus in your mouth
  • Painful eating, biting or chewing
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How Osseous Surgery is Performed

Osseous surgery is an advanced technique for eliminating advanced gum disease. The treatment is effective at removing diseased gum tissue from around teeth as well as cleansing infection from the jawbone to allow gum tissue to reattach to the teeth. Osseous surgery is a solution that has been used for years and is proven to be effective at cleansing advanced levels of the disease from the mouth. The process involves carefully retracting your infected gum tissue from around the teeth and removing the tissue to leave only healthy gums behind. We will then remove any bacteria or plaque from the bone and tooth roots to smooth the area out.

We may need to reshape the jawbone if bone deterioration has occurred and can offer bone grafting services if needed. Once the disease has been cleansed from the mouth, we will suture your healthy gums back around your teeth for a snug, protective fit. Since the procedure is considered a surgery, we offer effective dental sedation to calm your nerves and prevent feelings of discomfort. Additionally, we may utilize advanced healing techniques with plasma rich growth factors or guided tissue regeneration to get your mouth back to a healthy, healed state as quickly as possible.

Rid Your Mouth of Disease and Keep Smiling

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