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Framing Your Smile with Attractive Gums

Restore Appearance and Health to Your Smile

Your gums play a more important role in your oral health than most people realize. Gum tissue protects the sensitive tooth roots from decay or damage, firmly hold your teeth in place and also act as an attractive frame for your smile. However, when bacteria or damage occurs to your smile, it can cause your soft gum tissues to pull away from the teeth. Gum recession can be an embarrassing and damaging condition, eventually leading to tooth loss. Even those who have had a tooth replaced with a dental implant can be affected by gum recession, causing a chance for implant failure. At Irie Dental Associates, we offer timely gum grafting in East Orange, NJ to correct the effects of gum recession and restore your mouth to ideal health and beauty.

Why Gum Grafting is Important

  • Enhance the appearance of your smile
  • Protect the health of your teeth
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Prevent further gum recession
  • Overall improvement to oral health
  • Boost to your self-esteem

Our Gum Grafting Process

Gum grafting is a proven technique to restore a smile affected by gum recession. For even serious cases of recession, we can restore the gumline around teeth and implants in a way that will last for the long-term. Often, we will take a sample of tissue from the roof of your mouth and place it over the site of recession. This graft will cover the sensitive tooth roots and protect your teeth. Once healed, your gum graft will blend in seamlessly within your smile, looking natural and as if you never suffered from recession to begin with. Our team understands that many patients are worried about discomfort during the treatment, but we offer soothing sedation options to help block sensations of fear and the feeling of anxiety.

Specialty Periodontal Care

dr edwin discussing gum grafting procedure

Irie Dental Associates is your leading location for effective and gentle gum recession treatment. With a board-certified periodontist and team of dentists and dental professionals, we offer full-service gum grafting care in-house. With our specialist understanding of your oral and gum health, we can ensure your gum recession is treated with precise care to last you for years to come. Our practice also offers minimally invasive gum recession treatment with the Pinhole® Surgery Technique. This removes the need for incisions and sutures, giving you a more gentle and faster treatment overall. We recommend coming in for a no-pressure, judgement-free consultation to discover your needs and find out which gum grafting solution will better serve you!

Improve the Look and Health of Your Smile!

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