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Reconstructing Your Jaw

What is a Bone Graft?

The primary purpose of your jawbone is to support your teeth, but when you experience tooth loss, this purpose no longer exists. When this is the case, your jawbone will begin to recede due to lack of stimulation. Other causes of jawbone loss can be from disease or oral trauma, which can both lead to similar results. With a lack of jawbone volume, you may experience an altered facial shape, an imbalanced bite and even shifting of other teeth within your mouth. Untreated bone loss can also make it difficult to replace missing teeth with dental implants as there is no longer enough bone to support the implant post. At Irie Dental Associates, we offer restorative bone grafting in East Orange, NJ to regenerate lost bone and help preserve your oral health.

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Revolutionary Biological Recycling

A bone graft is a material composed of bone from either you or a donor source. The bone is ground into an ultra-fine granule state to allow for placement in the jaw at areas of bone loss. This is often protected with guided tissue regeneration techniques, which includes a biocompatible mesh that’s placed over the bone graft to protect it while healing. After this healing period, the bone graft will merge with your bone and restore it to a healthier state. If you’re having a tooth extracted, we offer a revolutionary technology that allows us to take extracted teeth and grind them into the bone graft material. This not only saves you time, money and discomfort, but is a form of biological recycling. It’s like you never lost the tooth! You no longer have to just throw away an extracted tooth, but can transform it into a material to benefit your smile and health again.

Advantages to Bone Grafting

  • Restore lost jawbone volume
  • Support teeth and hold them in place
  • Allow for dental implant placement
  • Prevent a sunken-in facial appearance
  • Restore contours to the jaw
  • Retain a harmonious bite

Our Bone Grafting Solutions

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We offer several types of bone grafting solutions depending on your needs, including socket preservation, ridge augmentation and sinus lifts. Socket preservation bone grafting is often used immediately after a tooth extraction. We will pack bone graft material into the empty socket left behind after an extraction to promote proper healing and allow for dental implant placement in the future. Ridge augmentation is a form of bone grafting that involves rebuilding the jawline to an even, balanced level. Often used to restore deteriorated bone or after disease or trauma has caused bone loss, the process involves adding grafting material and protecting it with guided tissue regeneration techniques to promote proper healing. Finally, a sinus lift is an advanced bone grafting technique that adds bone volume to the sinus area when dental implants are needed in the upper back portion of the jaw. After your bone has had time to heal, you’ll find yourself qualified to have implants placed and your smile restored!

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