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Gentle Extraction of Troublesome Teeth

Tooth Extraction Only When Necessary

While we always aim to save your natural teeth with our preventative dental care, in some cases, failing, broken or diseased teeth can no longer be saved. For these teeth, we offer gentle tooth extractions to alleviate you of discomfort and improve your overall oral health. With a board-certified periodontist on staff and a team of experienced dental professionals, we have a detailed understanding of how your teeth interact with your jaw, bone and overall health. This understanding helps ensure you get the most successful and gentle tooth extraction for your problematic teeth. After your tooth extraction in East Orange, NJ, we always recommend replacing the tooth with a lifelike dental implant to restore your health and your smile. With an implant, nobody will ever know you were missing a tooth to begin with!

Common Causes for Tooth Extraction

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Simple, Yet Revolutionary: Our Process

If you are experiencing constant tooth pain, have severe decay or gum disease, have a damaged tooth or want to replace your teeth with single implants or TeethXpress full mouth dental implants, you may need tooth extraction of one or more teeth. You have no reason to fear your tooth extractions, as we will numb the location of your mouth with local anesthetic and provide nitrous oxide sedation if needed. This helps you to have a painless, anxiety-free extraction. After a tooth extraction there is an empty socket within the jaw where the tooth once existed. This socket needs to be preserved to prevent jawbone loss or the shifting of surrounding teeth. After an extraction, our team will often perform a socket preservation bone graft using a revolutionary technique that’s unique to our practice in order to restore balance and health to the jaw. Instead of throwing away your extracted tooth, we can often use it to naturally restore the bone lost in your jaw. And for those seeking dental implants, we can often extract a tooth and place an implant during the same appointment!

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