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Gum Rejuvenation in Just One Day

A Gentle Solution to Gum Recession

Gum recession can occur for a variety of reasons including disease, aggressive brushing or flossing, and oral trauma. When your gums have pulled away from their natural position, your teeth run the risk of additional damage and your teeth may appear longer than normal as the tooth root is now exposed. While traditional gum grafting is a time-tested and effective solution, we also offer the minimally invasive Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™) for a gentler approach. Our Pinhole Surgical Technique in East Orange, NJ can restore your gumline to a healthy, attractive level in just one day without the need for cutting, sutures or tissue taken from other parts of the body.

Why Patients Choose the Pinhole Surgical Technique

Gentle Treatment

The Pinhole Surgical Technique does not involve any scalpels, sutures or second surgery locations. Most patients do not even require advanced sedation. This means you will have little to no downtime after the procedure.

Protect Tooth Roots

With the tooth roots protected, there is significantly less sensitivity to hot or cold beverages. Tooth roots are also protected from damage, the gums can hold the teeth in place more securely and the mouth is less susceptible to gum disease.

Same-Day Results

The Pinhole Surgical Technique can restore a smile affected by gum recession in just one day. Due to the ease of the procedure, we are able to use PST to treat gum recession affecting multiple teeth in the same appointment, saving you time and frustrations.

Long-Term Results

The Pinhole Surgical Technique can restore your smile for years to come. By properly taking care of your oral health, you can prevent gum recession from affecting your smile again.

Our Pinhole Surgical Technique Process

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  • Pinhole® Surgical Technique is a minimally invasive treatment for gum recession.

Just as the name implies, the Pinhole Surgical Technique can restore your gumline with just a pin-sized opening in the gum tissue. We will numb the gums in the area affected by recession using local anesthetic and then make a small hole in the gums. Using ultra-fine tools, we will gently reposition the gums down over the affected teeth to cover the tooth roots and provide you with an even gumline. Collagen strips are then added inside the gum tissue to assist in holding the gums in place. We can treat multiple teeth during one appointment and the results are practically instant. You’ll leave our office with an attractive, healthy smile and most patients are able to go about their normal day.

One Day. One Balanced Smile. Get Yours Today!

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