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Reveal Your True Smile

Create a Balance Between Gums and Teeth

Patients who show excessive amounts of gums when they smile are often said to have a “gummy smile.” These patients frequently have gum tissue that covers a portion of their tooth crown and makes teeth appear shorter or smiles appear unbalanced. This can cause both aesthetic concerns and health or functional problems if not treated. Many times, those affected by a gummy smile are embarrassed by the way they look when they smile and they may find it hard to clean their teeth properly. We understand that this can hinder your life in more ways than one, so our doctors offer crown lengthening treatments to remove the excessive tissue and reveal the true look of your smile. We perform our treatments for crown lengthening in East Orange, NJ with gentle dental lasers for quick, painless care.  

Why Get Crown Lengthening Treatment

  • Enhance the look of your smile
  • Prevent the development of cavities below the gums
  • Create a balanced gumline
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence

A Life-Changing Smile is Here

dental patient in need of crown lengthening procedure

Those with a gummy smile might have too much gum tissue to allow for a dental crown to be placed properly. Other problems include difficulty placing brackets for orthodontics or trouble reaching cavities below the gums. When your gums are at a more balanced position in your smile, it’s easier for you, and our team, to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Crown lengthening treatments are simple procedures that provide virtually instant and life-changing results thanks to our dental laser. Traditionally performed with scalpels and sutures, our laser technique offers faster treatment times, more comfort during and after the procedure and shorter recovery times as well. By gently removing excess gum tissue, we can improve the appearance of your smile, uncover the teeth that were once hidden by gum tissue, and allow for easier cleaning of the teeth and gums. With our dental laser, treatment has never been easier, and patients can get timely care without the need for sedation.

Reshape Your Gums and Reveal Your Complete Smile!

crown lengthening patient