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Advanced Healing for Superior Results

Faster, Long-Lasting Results

One of the many factors that sets Irie Dental Associates above the rest for surgical procedures is our use of advanced healing in East Orange, NJ. We find that many patients are worried about the discomfort of their treatments or the healing that is necessary afterward, so our team has invested in innovative advanced healing solutions to help put these concerns to rest. Advanced healing solutions shorten the healing time after surgery and improve the overall success of the treatments. We can use these healing treatments for cases of bone grafting and the treatment of surgical procedures like dental implants, osseous surgery or gum grafting.

Our Advanced Healing Techniques

Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)

Guided tissue regeneration is a technique we use for bone grafting procedures to improve healing and long-term success. GTR involves placing barrier membranes over the bone graft material to control the growth of bone and gum tissue. Without this technique, gum tissue frequently interferes with the bone’s healing process. GTR ensures that your bone heals to proper volume and shape.

Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF)

Used during many surgical procedures, plasma rich growth factors are a compound made from your own blood. We simply take a small sample of your blood and create a platelet-rich plasma compound that promotes healing at surgical sites. This often helps your body heal quickly with minimal scarring.

Your One-Stop Dental Home

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At Irie Dental Associates, we want you to get nothing but the best dental care. These advanced healing techniques help us ensure that your results are predictable and minimally invasive, and your healing time is as short as possible. Combined with our advanced technology, we stay ahead of the times, offering leading-edge dental care. Our practice is also a one-stop dental home, featuring a team of dental professionals who are dedicated to your smile. You won’t have to go all over to other practices or meet doctors you don’t know—we’ll be your dental family from start to finish!

Seeking a Higher Level of Dental Care? Look No Further!

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